CMSE - Components for Military and Space Electronics Conference and Exhibition is the premier military and space electronic components conference and is organized by engineers of the engineering community. Its purpose is to provide a forum for conveying military and space electronics concerns, solutions, case histories, innovations, and other topics of interest to the military and space engineering community. The format includes training seminars, technical papers, and an exhibition of products of interest to the military and space electronics design community.

CCAW - Counterfeit Components Avoidance Workshop is designed to combat the counterfeit components  problem which is causing a huge economic impact in the Electronics Industry. It provides for the interchange of information on case histories, detection techniques and preventative actions being taken by manufacturers, distributors, brokers, test labs, users and other impacted organizations.

CCAP-101 Certified TM CR - implement & manage a Program for Independent Distributors to test and inspect electronic components for the detection and avoidance of counterfeits.


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