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Instructions for Preparation of CMSE Presentation Materials

Please follow these instructions carefully in preparing your CMSE presentation material for the Conference.

Speakers must submit the following:

  1. Powerpoint slides of the presentation, which will be printed in the Conference Notes
  2. Short biographies for each of the authors
  3. The completed Copyright Release Form, which is available under CMSE > Downloads - PDF > Copyright.
All slides should be prepared in Power Point and received by the requested date. Changes should not be made to your presentation after it is provided to CMSE. Any critical changes that have to be made must be received before publication in the Conference Notes has occurred. A computer and LCD Projector will be provided during the Conference using the slides submitted by the deadline. A 35mm slide projector will not be available.

Slide Presentation
You are requested to bring a backup copy of your presentation in Power Point on a computer CD. The slides submitted for your presentation will be installed on a computer for projecting.
  1. Use heavy black or dark colored lettering, drawings, etc., on background white or light pastel colored. Maximum contrast should exist between lettering and the background for black & white printing.
  2. Slide content should be enough to fill the whole slide format.
    1. The first slide must contain: Title of Paper, names of all authors with speaker listed first, Company name, address, phone and fax number, and speaker's email address.
    2. The size of lettering and symbols must be large enough to be read 70 feet from the screen.
    3. Graphs should have no more than 10 divisions marked for each axis and adjacent colors should show substantial contrast. Insure all Chart colors will print well in black and white with plenty of contrast for adjacent chart colors for the Conference Notes. Please verify this before sending presentation.
  3. Use slides with landscape format to ensure they will fit on the screen.
  4. All embedded photos and graphics must be in JPEG for compatibility with PDF conversion for the Notes.
  5. Only 8 to 12 slides are required for your 25 minutes presentation. Do not use more slides than you can discuss. It is annoying to delegates when the speaker flashes a bunch of slides and tells the audience to read them in the Notes. If the slide is not discussed, do not include it.
Conference Notes/Submission of Slides
Slides must be prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint (U.S. letter size in landscape page layout) and submitted before the deadline shown below. Please use common fonts where possible and provide, with your submission, any special fonts used. The Conference Notes will also be included on a CD in PDF. Do not submit slides in PDF, only Powerpoint will be accepted.
Every slide presented in the talk must be included in the Notes. Since there are many pages to be published, speakers are requested to send their presentation in electronic format only. Slides will be printed as two per page for the Conference Notes, and the fonts & graphics must be large enough to be readable. The first slide should contain title, author(s), company name, address, telephone, fax number, and Email Address. To minimize the sales pitch view of your presentation, we ask that your company logo and name are small enough to not overwhelm the material submitted.
Text papers will not be printed in the Conference Notes for the purpose of uniformity. Therefore, all presenters must have a PowerPoint presentation. If you desire the attendees to have a text paper of your presentation, you may bring copies to be picked up on a table in the rear of the meeting room. Your electronic formatted presentation material must be sent to dstamps2173@cti-us.com by email. Presentations greater than 8mbyte will have to be sent on a CD to the CTI office. For questions or any problems with these instructions, call (256)536-1304 or email or LHamiter@cti-us.com.

Deadline for receipt of Slides for the Conference Notes is December 9, 2005

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