Passive Components Seminar - PCS - A seminar that covers design, construction, selection for the applications, failure mechanisms, testing, reliability, and lessons learned on ceramic; electrolytic film capacitors; carbon, film and wire wound resistors; and a select group of inductive devices. The seminar is based upon the CLR Passive Components Handbook by Fagerholt plus considerable additional material. Students will receive a copy of the CLR Handbook and slides presented and scheduled as needed.

Counterfeit Components Avoidance Program - CCAP - This Training and Certification Program addresses the problem being experienced with the many Counterfeit Components that are entering the electronics supply system. It will address practices for detection and prevention of using counterfeits. The Training Program will develop specific engineering quality and purchasing practices for avoiding counterfeit components. Users and suppliers of components are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations on this issue.

CCAP-101 Certified TM CR - The Certification Program certifies independent distributors as active participants in testing for counterfeit components to insure they only distribute genuine components.

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