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Failure analysis involves much more than complex IC's and expensive lab equipment. Ordinary components fail more often than complex IC's. Each integrated circuit on the circuit board is supported and protected by a complex array of diodes, transistors, capacitors, resistors and other components. In recent years, because of surface mount, shrinkage of component footprints, and thermal densities these components are beginning to fail more often and in most circuits there can be no sacrificial elements. Analysts need to know what to look for, how to look, and how to get into the protective packaging without destroying the vital evidence.

This Symposium includes a tutorial and technical sessions for both the technician, lab engineer and their manager so they have some idea of what can be done and the basic skills and equipment that will get them started in doing real world failure analysis.

A tutorial seminar will be offered on current issues of interest to failure analysts.

Symposium Sessions
Technical papers will be presented on a wide range of failure analysis practices and case studies ranging from ICs, capacitors, dendrite growth to burned boards and wiring. These sessions provide excellent information on analysis techniques and the results of case studies.

Exhibits and Reception
Exhibits will be available during the Tuesday lunch breaks and evening reception. Anyone interested in exhibiting should contact the CTI Office for information.

Advance registration will be published

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