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The CMSE is the first and largest International Conference on the use of Electronic Components in Military and Space Electronics. This annual Conference has historically been attended by the most engneers/engineering managers and offered the most technical papers on the following subjects:

2008 CMSE Advance Program

    Design Practices

  • Open System architectures
  • Packaging and special thermal techniques
  • Techniques to successfully use PEMs & COTS
  • Ruggedizing COTS for military use
  • PEMs in long term storage conditions
  • Critical applications

  • Avionics, ships, military vehicles and radios
  • Missile and weapons systems
  • Satellites & launch vehicles
    Case Studies / History

  • Use of PEMs and commercial components
  • Use of COTS subassemblies and systems
  • Engineering and managing COTS
  • Lessons learned
    Obsolescence Management

  • Business practices
  • Industry perspectives
  • Life cycle managemen
  • Designing for obsolescence
    Radiation Hardness

  • Assessing hardness levels of COTS and PEMs
  • Maintaining hardness through design changes
  • Shielding techniques
  • Impact of scaling on RH performance
    Technology Trends

  • New technologies and how to use them
  • Replacing obsolete technologies
  • Life time of the new technologies
    Risk Mitigation

  • System redundancy
  • Failure/error detection and correction
  • New reliability assessment practices
  • ICs, optos, hybrids, and discretes
  • Passives, relays and connectors
  • Batteries and sensors
    Selecting Commercial Suppliers

  • How to select suitable suppliers
  • Quality issues and acceptable quality levels
  • Automotive, telecom and commercial practices
    Testing Requirements and Results

  • COTS and PEMs qualification practices
  • Uprating parameters from manufacturers data sheet
  • Theory and structure of qualification program
  • ESS, screening practices and cost analysis
    Construction & Destructive Physical Analysis

  • When to use & results
  • What is different for COTS
  • Using these analyses to assure quality
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